That Joe Payne

That Joe Payne is a classically trained vocalist with backgrounds in theatre, pop and rock music, remembered by audiences for his impressive 5 octave range and strong countertenor. The broad orchestral palettes of Moray's keyboards are the cornerstone of Joe's ambitious live shows which span pop, classical, and theatre.

Kim Seviour

Following the release of her debut solo album Recovery Is Learning, Moray joined Kim Seviour's backing band to promote the album. The highlight was their appearance at Trinity Live, delivering a high-energy set described as "[a]rguably the set of the day" (photo by Martin Reijman)


Rammlied are the UK's premier Rammstein tribute, providing a high-energy and authentic set, incorporating not only the bands music but also the spirit (and some of the fire!) of their legendary stage shows. Moray joined the band in 2019 and quickly stepped into the instantly-recognisable character and sequins of Rammstein's 'Flake' Lorenz.

North Haverbrook

Self-styled "purveyors of audio strangeness" since 2015, North Haverbrook is an experimental blues/art rock project created by producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Lawrie with Moray's assistance. Taking their influences from American folk music, blues and The Simpsons, they have released four tracks to date as part of an ever-expanding online "album" of their stranger ideas including covers and instrumentals. They are also working on a more conventional release.